Wij zijn zo Ver(s)!

Vechtclub XL

Development of a promotional campaign for the opening of the new freshcourt in the Vechtclub XL.

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Creative hub Vechtclub XL has a feature; the Vershall (Freshcourt). An industrial area is transformed into a workshop for Skorpan bakery, coffee roasting Nordkapp Coffee, and local food distributor Rechtstreex. In addition to the workspaces there’s also a brewpub and stage from De Kromme Haring and the shop Rood & Bloem, where products from the Vershal are for sale as well as plants, flowers and design products.

Photography: Rudest Photography

We’re fresh and ready for you

For the campaign we focused on the seconds before the grand opening. Wij zijn zo ver(s)! (We’re ready – A dutch play-on-words). All the work is done and the flowers can be set on the table, the beer is opened, the coffee is poured, etc. We’re waiting for the visitors. This concept fits in nicely with the traditional character of the Freshcourt and the informal and festive atmosphere of the opening.

Vechtclub XL

The set is made up out of materials from the Vechtclub XL and all products are also derived from the creative hub. The hands, who perform the proceedings, are those of the entrepreneurs from the Vershal. This again emphasizes the DIY and "roll-up-your-sleeves' mentality of this new place.