Utrecht Popprijs

Utrecht Pop Award

Visual identity, website and campaign design for the most important band competition in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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The Utrecht Pop Award (Utrecht Popprijs – UPP) is the most important band competition for musicians in the Utrecht region and contributes to the education and professionalisation for young people with an interest in the music industry. We designed a visual identity, website and campaign in which the participants were literally given a stage.

Coming UPP

The Utrecht Pop Award is more than a band competition - it's a platform that helps local starting musicians to elevate their career. Therefore, the abbreviation UPP was chosen as the basis of the new visual identity. In the logo the line under the U serves as a metaphor for the stage that UPP offers to their musicians.

The Line UPP

The concept was further implemented in the campaign for the semi-finals and the final, with a prominent role for the UPP participants. The finalists were literally placed on the UPP stage, making them a part of the UPP identity.

The Follow UPP

The website gives all participants the opportunity to present themselves and all the winners are included in the Page of Fame. Together, participants and (former) winners are the face and success of UPP.

Webdevelopment: Robbert Lokhorst