Use-It Utrecht

Utrecht Tourism & Culture Roads

Design and development for the USE-IT Tourist Card Utrecht. Made by locals to act like a local.

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USE-IT stands for a no nonsense tourist guide for young travelers. The free, independent USE-IT maps consist exclusively of tips by locals. The user can experience the city as a local and leave the beaten path. There are now some 40 European cities with a USE-IT map. Utrecht had the Dutch premiere in 2015.

A typical map of Utrecht

Because each city has its own ‘life and soul’ all USE-IT maps are completely different. We went looking for a suitable form for Utrecht without falling into the familiar clichés. Combining iconic line drawings with grids and patterns from a risograph, we designed a visually appealing and stylistic card with an authentic and rough edge: typically Utrecht!

Discover Utrecht!

The original, insightful and rich layout guides the user through the city with ease and provides him with fun facts, historical background and useful tips.