ALS Centrum Netherlands

Creating an informative online environment with a low-threshold about medical aids.

Web development: Robbert Lokhorst
Film en sound: 31.1 Film
Photography: Merlijn van der Wardt
Voiceovers en music: Florian Wolff
Copywriting: Buro Dertig

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Patients with neuromuscular disorders such as ALS, PSMA and PLS face increasing physical limitations in their daily lives. How can they remain active for as long as possible in a familiar environment? The online environment ThuisAlsThuis (‘a home like home’ in Dutch) provides information about the available tools and their influence on a person’s quality of life to patients and their loved ones.

ThuisAlsThuis developed together with the ALS Centrum, UMC Utrecht and the patients themselves, is designed as a virtual home. Visitors walk from room to room to see which tool can be used according to their situation. ThuisAlsThuis introduces patients, family members, and professionals to the various possibilities and means to continue living at home.

Inviting and informative under one roof.

ThuisAlsThuis is an environment specially created for patients with ALS, PSMA, and PLS. Therefore the design choices we made were based on the conversations we had with patients and their families. Together with a small and involved workgroup of patients, we developed the name and branding with a low-threshold tone and a warm character. This tone-of-voice was the guideline for further development, from text to icon, from photo to music.

A home like home adapted to your needs and home situation.

All rooms in the virtual house are physically built with paper. Paper is fragile but still offers many possibilities. A nice metaphor for a ThuisAlsThuis. It invites the visitor to discover the house, but also offers space to exhibit the tools separately in a homely and at the same time neutral environment. The content on the website consists of videos, photos and short informative texts. The site offers two entrances: 'Step inside' and 'Take a tour', to discover what best suits the situation of the visitor. The icon-based navigation provides guidance and direction.

Conny, ALS Patient Connected

"As a patient, I want to see what adjustments I can use in the future, so it also helps me to process and accept those resources needed."

Honest portraits and a way to engage a conversation.

The social and practical impact of a medical aid on daily life is difficult to estimate and person-dependent. To give a sincere picture, we filmed and photographed ten different patients while using the tools in their own environment. These realistic scenarios, based on the experiences of the patients, have led to sometimes confrontational but always honest portraits. A well-thought-out balance between film, music, and voice-over offers a low-threshold and friendly view of the living conditions of patients.

Further development; a flexible house.

The more tools are used the more experiences are given. Moreover, the medical developments concerning medical aids do not stand still. That is why the house is flexibly designed. In the future, the house could offer a wide sounding board of experiences and practical tips from patients and their families. The first reactions to ThuisAlsThuis were often heart-warming, which motivates all those involved to continue building the house even further.