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A modern branding for one of the biggest Dutch opera ever written.

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Music, History, current events, Party. In July 2018, it all comes together in Thijl. This spectacular Dutch opera about the sixteenth-century geyser Thijl Uilenspiegel, reconnect the Eighty Years’ War with today’s world. An unmatched number of soloists, a huge choir and a mega-orchestra, make this work the biggest musical theatre ever published in the Netherlands. As one of the creative partners of Thijl, we created the brand identity, the (visual) communication and the website.

Come hit the drums

The current campaign is created to recruit sponsorships and funds to make Thijl a possible; at the beginning of 2018 we will launch a large-scale publicity campaign.

Campaign photo: Michiel Spijkers
Publication photo's: José Gieskes

Historie en Actualiteit

Met ruimte voor het verhaal en de oorsprong biedt de website verdieping in zowel de opera, de productie en het evenement.