Spatial exploration

Couleur Locale

Branding with a dynamic feel for a organisation of the same nature.

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Couleur Locale is an organization of thirty young artists who went looking for the spatial challenges of the future and the stories behind locations, during the Year of Space (2015). The “Spatial Exploration” was conducted along five regions, each with its own character, issues and development speed.

Illustrations: Cliff van Thillo

The Netherlands, a colorful mosaic

A series of elements inspired by various regions and its geographic location, colours and coats of arms, formed a matrix of possibilities. The result is a bright, iconic and dynamic identity that continues to develop along with the organisation. A multipurpose brand identity. From a piece of art to a beer coaster.

Installation Couleur Locale by Studio Plots

During the closing session of the Year of Space in Amersfoort, 240 pamphlets were displayed in a exploration field.