Design a strong brand identity that can be applied across all platforms.

  • identity

  • print

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  • web ( is a big online 24/7 news brand with 2.7 million unique visitors every day. They publish news items primarily about politics, tech, entertainment and sports. This makes ‘the news authority for everything you need and want to know’. With a simple click, you have immediate access to all daily news, news in 1 click.

News in 1 click

We created a strong, clear and user-friendly brand identity. Different style elements provide a clear visual language that instantly shows you what item you are viewing and from which extension of it's from.

Direct, Clear & Reliable

80% of the visitors consume the news on their mobile device. Therefore the focus of the brand identity was to create a recognisable style for social media. By using simple-to-use style elements we increase the visibility of on social media.


The brand identity is documented in a brand guide, so that everyone at can use it properly. By consistently applying the branding through-out all platforms, can create an identity which is suited for a 'news authority'.