KEES cultural volunteers

KEES cultural volunteer center

Re-branding and website design for KEES, the volunteer centre for the cultural sector in the Netherlands.

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KEES was founded in Utrecht under Stichting events / festivals (Stef) in 2009. KEES, then an acronym of Knowledge of Events by Education and Support, is now known as ‘just’ KEES. As they have the ambition to offer their services nationwide, we were asked to provide KEES with a new fitting visual identity.

KEES loves typography

Short texts about KEES' services form the basis of the visual identity. Fresh colours and bold typography combined with the logo result in a recognisable branding. We have translated this into a clear website where photography has a supporting role.

Communication by KEES

Icons and simple illustrations can be used in print- and social media to support the text. This way, the branding is in continuous development, just like KEES.