International Literature Festival Utrecht

House of Literature

Brand and campaign development for the International Literature Festival Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Utrecht, the Netherlands, has recently been named Unesco City of Literature and has thus become part of a network with 28 international cities. Their mission is to bring literature to the attention as widely as possible and in an innovative way. This year Utrecht will kick-off with the annual International Literature Festival Utrecht, thé literary festival of the Netherlands.

With the campaign, we wanted to show Utecht as a literature city and also show the versatility of literature. The ‘L’ in the logo serves as a playful element in the branding and is applied in various ways. This results in a colourful visual language that is inspired by literature and makes a connection with the city.

Campaign: Utrecht, city of literature

ILFU offers a new perspective to an international audience of literature lovers. Literature is everywhere! Visitors to the festival immerses themselves in a versatile programming that covers all aspects of literature and bridges the gap between tradition and innovation.

Total ILFU experience

The visual language and the playful design of the campaign have been graphically translated to a variety of media. The various applications of the branding create a total ILFU experience. From the campaign in the city up to the stage of the festival.