A boundless beautiful 2016

Van Santen Netwerk

A multimedia New Year's greetings with a positive message.

  • video

  • web

Every year the Van Santen Netwerk (VSN) ask a different creative agency to create a unconventional new year wish to send to their network of partners, clients and friends. For 2016 we developed an online experience to inspire people to move beyond their limits and wish them a boundless and beautiful year. Together with VSN we wrote a manifesto with twelve tips to seize the day just a little bit more. These tips have been translated into twelve short loops, which together form one movie.

In collaboration with Van Santen Netwerk, NXTE (code), 31,1 Film (camera & licht) and Julian Breen (edit & post-production)

Be patience, great things are about to happen

In the online experience you’re asked to fill in your birthday to see a video loop of your month with a specific message. To break out of your loop you could click to the full video to see all months and messages connected as a full year. After the fireworks you can skip through the different loops and watch the whole film again.

Looping concept

A simple intervention and action takes everyday objects 'out of the loop.'

Behind the scenes

The film was created along with 31,1 film and Julian Breen from the Vechtclub XL.